Who are we?

We’re changing the way people see football.

We are a Budapest based software company with extensive expertise in football and building IT solutions on football data.

Our team members have 15+ years experience in building databases, reporting- and forecasting systems.

Our team consists of developers, IT experts, mathematicians and data scientists who attended scouting and football coaching courses as well.

The xfb Story

It all started with an idea, followed by a pilot project. Having just finished his football coaching courses at the University of Physical Education in Budapest in the summer of 2018, our founder prepared some machine learning model concepts based on football data. Most football statistics describe the game quantitatively, so introducing AI to football, and developing a new generation of performance measures seemed to be an exciting area. Having worked as an IT consultant for more than 14 years and being passionate about football gave the fundamentals for these ideas.

Fortunately, the Hungarian Football Federation was supportive of these ideas and started a pilot project with us in September 2018. In 5 months, we have started to build an integrated reporting database, and created some detailed reports analyzing shooting maps, passing characteristics, and team formations. For our first machine learning model, we developed the first ever xG (expected goals) value in the history of Hungarian football.

After the success of the pilot, the Hungarian Football Federation decided to continue the project long-term with us. We incorporated in February 2019 and since then, we have created a strong partnership with the Hungarian Football Federation, and are a proud IT partner of them building the official statistical analyzing system of Hungarian football. Our team is responsible for database-, reporting-, backend- and frontend design and development as well and it’s still in active development.

As a team, we have a good mixture of experience and young ambition, specification and development skills, as well as technical and business knowledge.

picture of Attila Csernus

Attila Csernus

Chief executive officer

Attila was graduated as M.Sc. in Computer Science in 2006. He started to work as a business intelligence expert, and since then he has taken part in several projects building complex reporting and forecasting systems at companies in different sectors.

As he was interested in applying AI to football data, he attended coaching, scouting and tactical analyst courses to understand the game at a deeper level. As he was always interested in measuring off-the-ball movements of players in football, he put his very first model ideas into practice himself - and is continuing these developments with his colleagues at xfb Analytics Ltd.