Your next step
in evolution

A revolutionary football analysis system
relying on built-in AI models.

Our product, xfb Cube is adding AI to the world of football to help coaches and analysts with performance evaluation aspects of the game.

Self-service AI tool for football analysts.

With the help of Cube’s microservices you’ll be able to build your own vizualizations for your team, and measure your player performances with our underlying AI models at a deeper level.

Easy-to-use interface

Cube is a web-based application to provide an easy-to-use interface for game analysis that integrates predictions of the underlying AI models. We focus on measuring the quality of game situations and player decisions, and giving a tool for coaches to be able to improve players’ decision-making.

AI models

The above is made possible by the AI models integrated into Cube. They measure both the quality of match situations and the player decisions, and look for patterns in player and team actions.

heatmap illustration

1. Show your team where they created the most threat

pass network illustration

2. Show your team how the pass network of your opponent team looked like in their last game

pass cluster illustration

3. Show your team what the typical passes of your opponent are

Cube is here to answer
all your questions,
and provide you ready-made
and customizable visualizations
and lists for you according to your needs

The perfect match.

An integrated, easy-to-use platform that processes raw data, enhances it with advanced analytics algorithms and creates custom made performance reports through cutting edge visualizations.

We are here for supporting your daily decisions.

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