Data-driven scouting

A new way of
recruiting players

Get the players
you really need!

By using our data-driven scouting platform at your club, you can ensure that your player recruitment is based on real world evidence.

Identify your own targets and find them with performance-based searches.

With data-driven scouting, you can build and monitor player performances across different leagues on a weekly basis through a carefully thought-out and planned recruitment process.

scouting cycle

shows first step

After identifying your own targets, find new hidden talents through performance-based searches before other clubs recognize them. By monitoring player performances of several leagues every week, you essentially have a scout at every game where your next best players could be playing.

shows second step

Data-driven scouting enables you to drive your own recruitment process proactively without football agents trying to sway you day-by-day. Just find and contact the players that YOU think have the best potential to improve - based on real facts and numbers.

shows third step

After improving a player and raising their profile, you’ll have the opportunity to make a profit on selling them because of their increased market value.

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You can then reinvest your money to find more hidden talents, improve them, and continuously generate a revenue stream for a self-sustainable day-to-day operation.

Data-driven scouting process

- Step by step overview -

number 1

Identify specific player
target attributes

Define the type of player that you’re targeting by setting physical and statistical search attributes.

number 2

Identify target leagues

Identify potential leagues where the kind of player that you are looking for can be found at the right price.

number 3

Start weekly monitoring

When data is available for the leagues of your choice a report will be sent to you on every player fitting your search criteria.

number 4

Evaluate your shortlist

Based on the weekly report results a shortlist of players will be shared with you who we think are worth analyzing further.

number 5

Video analysis of
shortlisted players

We create detailed scouting reports on the shortlisted players based on video analysis.

number 6

Personal scouting reports
of shortlisted players

As a result of the video analysis phase we will send you a new shortlist of players whom we think are worth watching in person during their upcoming games.

number 7

Contact the player’s
club and agent

Once personal scout reports are prepared you’ll be able to draw a priority list of your targets, contact their clubs and agents about their availability, and focus on getting the deal done.

This way your football club can drive
the whole recruitment process with

Always having an eye on the future.

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