AI modeling

Understand football
via measures v2.0

Data science and
football data

Data science and football data can and should work together. We have data for all the events with x,y coordinates of players available for every game of the current and some previous seasons.

Artificial intelligence
and machine learning

We can apply AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze these data and superpower your team.

Find previously
hidden values

Through these models, you can find previously hidden value in the data, and have a new standard for how well you know what’s happening at every game.

Bring your team to
the next level

Learning xG and xA values of the players has become quite common in the last few years but there are many more data points with untapped potential ready for you to discover and apply.

You are only a few clicks away from

getting the answers

to your questions regarding player and team statistics, analyzing player behaviors or interactions between players, and integrating the results into your

daily training process.

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